Twenty for ’20 Reading List

Happy Monday! Today I’m bringing you a different sort of post. This one is the 20 for 20 book list, which a friend of mine started on Instagram! (you can find her at @jetwithjess)

This list is exactly what it sounds like! You pick twenty books from your already owned TBR and try to read them all in 2020! These can be books you have had on your shelf for the longest, or just books you’d like to get to. So I thought it would be fun to come here to share my list with you all. =]

These books are in no particular order:

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Review: Baptism of Fire

**Possible spoilers in this review!!**

My first book of 2020 was Baptism of Fire. I’ve slowly been trying to read at least one of these books a month, but fell off of that routine a while ago so I decided to pick back up this year with the hopes of finishing the series! This review will be pretty short and vague, since I can’t add TOO much without giving away the entire plot. =]

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Review: The Starless Sea

Good afternoon friends! I’m finally able to sit down to review this book and I’m hoping I can come up with something sensible and somewhat cohesive! (lol)

As we all know, this is the second book released by Erin Morgenstern who is the author of The Night Circus. (which just so happens to be one of my favorite books of all time)

I finished this book in November, and it was one of my MOST anticipated releases of the year. I’ll go ahead and start by saying that this book did not disappoint! Anyways, lets get to the review!

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November Wrap-Up!

Happy December friends! So I finished three books in the month of November. Unfortunately I didn’t read as much as I would’ve liked but it was a pretty busy month for me, and one book in particular seemed to take up a lot more time than I was anticipating! =] Anyways, heres what I read in November!

I’ve also decided to do a separate review of The Starless Sea, on a whole separate post so that will be coming up soon!

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October Wrap-Up!

Happy November friends! This year is flying by and I don’t know how I feel about it, honestly!

I wanted to pop on and talk about the books I read in October! It was a pretty good reading month for me. =] Also, if you can’t tell….I read a lot of everything so there will always be a nice variety of reviews on this account. This is just an overview of everything I read, so I wont be doing full reviews until this months reading starts!

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