Fantastic Beasts Movie Review

My very first movie review for the blog!! =]

It wasn’t my choice to wait this long to see this movie, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to see it until earlier this week. Either way, I am happy I was able to see it!!

I guess I could start off by saying I’ve heard some rumors that this movie was ‘nothing like Harry Potter.’

Of course it’s not like the Harry Potter movies! Fantastic Beasts was set 70 years BEFORE Harry received his letter to Hogwarts.

Even though this movie isn’t like Harry Potter, you still get that warm, fuzzy, magical feeling from watching it. Not only is the film absolutely incredible, so is the acting! (Let’s also take a moment to talk about how cute Newt is?!)

On a more serious note, the acting was phenomenal, and the film itself was truly a magical experience. I fell in love with all of the beasts, and some of them were super cute!! My favorites would have to be the niffler (obviously) and the demiguise (which is SO CUTE)…it kind of reminded me of a sloth I used to work with, but also a dog I had when I was younger (weird combination, I know.)

I believe that Rowling actually wrote the screenplay for this film, or something along those lines, which is why I believe more people are loving it (compared to The Cursed Child) which I haven’t read because I’ve heard not-so-great things about it. Rowling has a way of pulling us Potterheads into her magical worlds to where we fall so in love with the characters and the creatures that we never, ever want to leave. I mean, let’s be serious…how many of you would live in Newt’s suitcase if you could?! I’m just glad to know that the magic has returned for a short while until the next film is released, and we can all enjoy the wonderful things that come with such a wonderful film. (Books, Funko Pops, etc.)  =]

I know this is a short review for this movie, which I think ended up being a couple hours long. I DO however, give this film 5/5 stars just for the simple fact that it was amazing and simply magical!  I urge any and every Harry Potter fan to go see this film, I’m sure you’ll love it!!!



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