Emotions Review

Author: Arnulfo Cantarero


 Jason Ariaz is not your average 22 year old. He has been genetically and cybernatically enhanced but that’s only the beginning. He is an emotionless extraterrestrial born to human parents and living amongst us. Both him and his implanted thinking computer were damaged on landing and must go through life as less than what they really are. The purpose of their mission: to gain permanent emotions from the more primitive society that is Earth. If he is successful, he will be the first of his species to do so in nearly 200,000 years.

Hope lies in the fact that he is capable of emotional episodes and he has been able to forge true friendships. However, he does have the chance of completing his mission if he can truly care for Ariel, the closest human in his life. But he enter know his heart soon. Their lives are in danger of ending tonight, unless he can recover what his species has lost.


(I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.)

To be honest, Sci-fi isn’t normally a genre I go for when I shop online for books, or enter a bookstore. When the author of this book contacted me and asked me to read his book in return for a review, of course I said yes. This would give me a chance to read something I normally don’t, and would also give me the opportunity to receive my first book personally from the author. I will say, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received it, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised.  I’ve seen a lot of reviews online about his book and the layout. I can be honest in saying that none of that really bothered me. The author sent me the book for a review on the story, not the layout.

Anyways, on to the book!

At the beginning of the story, we meet Jason. As described in the books description as an extraterrestrial being with an implanted computer that is used for many, many things including assisting him on his journey on earth. (Computer also had a wicked sense of humor in my opinion) Computer is useful in helping Jason make decisions, as well as telling him when it may be important to ‘show’ emotion, etc. Jason and computer have come to earth in search of harnessing the true power of emotions for his home.

Throughout the book we follow Jason and computer through childhood, growing up with a younger sister (who is fully human, and a complete tattle tale), and high school. Jason makes new friends and shares experiences with them, but unfortunately he has to fake any emotions as to not give himself away. One friend who I had an idea about from the beginning, we realize had a bigger part in Jason’s life than he thought. We follow Jason to different schools, and he finally makes friends with great kids who he spends a lot of time with. Especially Ariel. I find this to be a major point in the story, because once Jason finds these friends, he gets to spend time studying them and learning how to eventually feel something. 

Jason and Ariel end up spending a great deal of time together throughout high school, and towards the end of the book we realize that he may end up succeeding in his mission if he could only have feelings for her. I won’t give anything away exactly, except to say that the story doesn’t go completely as planned only because of plot twists…which I’m totally not complaining about! =] There ends up being a TON of action, which is always a nice surprise.

All in all I think the story unfolded well and the characters had a lot of depth. I think the author did a good job in showing us both sides of Jason and computer, and what they both had to go through in order to succeed in their mission. I’m hoping there will be a second book, but if not I think the author did a good job!

4/5 ✨




2 thoughts on “Emotions Review

    1. Thank you!! I’m excited to see what happens in the sequel! I was worried about writing the review because I really enjoyed the book and I didn’t know how to put it into words!! ☺️☺️


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