My Introduction to Manga

This may be a weird thing to post about, but I thought it would be an interesting topic. Just recently, I picked up my first One Piece manga a few weekends ago. My husband is a huge anime fan, and always watches it as his “weekend cartoons.”

I ended up REALLY enjoying it, and I’m hoping to get through volumes 4-6 today, and pick up the next volumes next weekend! Unfortunately, One Piece has a HUGE amount of volumes, so it may take me a while. =/

Not only has the new obsession with manga started, but the “toy buying” has begun as well. So I’m not sure how to feel about that! haha! I recently purchased two figures that just so happened to be on sale for $10 a piece compared to $40. (With the peer pressure from my husband) But I really love the way they look!

Anyways, I thought that it would be fun to post about manga and stuff. I’m curious to see if any one else here reads manga, and if so, which ones?!


4 thoughts on “My Introduction to Manga

  1. i LOVE manga!! xD i watched one piece when i was a kid but never really picked it up, now it’s one of those big series but like you said, it’s so long! i just don’t have the will to pick it up lol

    i read a lot of different manga titles, favorites being shounen and seinen like my hero academia, and tokyo ghoul (these are also some of the bigger well known titles). i picked up naruto a while back but only got through half of it…back when it wasn’t complete yet. i also know bleach is good, need to read that xD


    1. I have the first volume of Tokyo Ghoul and One Punch Man, so I’m really excited to start those as well! I’m trying to balance everything out, so I read a regular book during the week and manga on the weekends! Haha. I’ve heard Orange is good as well so I might look into it!

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      1. I haven’t read orange yet but i hear it’s good! it sorta falls into a genre i don’t delve into much xD

        i hope you enjoy them and keep reading more and more manga ^^


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