The Writer’s Table Review

* I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review *

Description: Alden Rowe loves reading books with his grandpa, but strange things begin to happen after his grandpa mysteriously disappears. Alden discovers a magical writing table that takes him on a quest through worlds with exploding lanterns, cities rapidly moving in time, wild tornadoes, and underground burrows filled with dark faeries all to find out what happened to his grandpa. Along the way he meets some colorful characters that reveal secrets that uncover hidden powers of the writing table altering Alden’s journey and putting him in a race against time. 

Review: Let me begin by saying that when I first came across this book on Instagram, I had to read it. The cover art is absolutely gorgeous, and it gives a hint of the wonderful journey that lies within its pages. This book follows a boy named Alden, who’s grandpa mysteriously vanishes. Alden finds a magical writing table that sends him into certain stories. We then follow Alden on a quest to find out more information about his grandpa’s disappearance. During this quest, Alden runs into characters that help him on his journey (and that he helps as well.) 

This was one of my favorite parts about this book. The author came up with fantastic characters and worlds including a wind wrangler who rounds up tornadoes, screaming banshees, and a city that runs on time itself. These characters all had a backstory that captures the reader from the beginning. Not only that, but the world building is incredible as well. The author did a great job at capturing every detail of each location and character in a way that made me feel as if I was on a quest with Alden, wrangling tornadoes and racing time.

The author also leaves us questioning what will happen next, and I’m pretty sure there will be a second book, which I am really excited for because I definitely didn’t want Alden’s adventure to end.  This is the perfect book for any age, including young readers! 

I gave this book a 4/5 ⭐️


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