Bookish Goals for 2018

Hey everyone!

I know we are already in February, but since I just recently started blogging again I thought I would take some time to share a few of my goals for the year!

  • Read more genres!
    • So I read my first ever thriller last year (The Woman in Cabin 10) and I actually really loved it! So one of my goals this year is to get out of my comfort zone a little!
  • Finish reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
    • I think this one is pretty self explanatory. I’ve re-read The Hobbit multiple times and I really want to finish reading the rest!
  • Read at least 60 books!
    • Last year my goal was 60, but I had to bump it down to 55. I DID reach this goal, but I wanted to aim a little higher this year!
  • Try not to let bookstagram/booktube sway my book purchases.
    • Meaning – I always see a book on bookstagram or booktube that everyone loves and it makes me want to go out and buy it. Last year I bought so many books that I bought due to the hype, and this year I kind of want to choose more books myself and see how I like them!
  • Read more Manga!
    • I’ve recently started reading Manga, and I really love it…so of course I want to try to read more!
  • Read 5 of my own books before I buy a new book.
    • This is also pretty self explanatory. With over 200 unread books on my TBR, I think it’s safe to say that I need to read a good chunk of what I have. So this is my main goal for the year!!


What are your bookish goals for 2018? I’m curious to hear what they are!! =]


4 thoughts on “Bookish Goals for 2018

  1. I love your goal about not being swayed by Bookstagram. I’m on there too (@oddandbookish) and there are a lot of books there that everyone reads/talks about. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype.


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