Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Could Re-Read Forever

Hey Everyone! So I just found this super cute topic while browsing the blogs I follow, so I thought I would join! This topic is brought to you by That Artsy Reader Girl and the topic is books I could re-read forever! You can find more about the topics here.

So here’s my top ten!


Of course I had to choose one of my favorite series of all time. Schwab is a GENIUS and I’m completely obsessed with these books!

9781408818619 I read Coraline last year and completely fell in love. I already loved the movie,  but the book is SO much creepier!


This book is absolutely magical and full of Russian Folklore. I absolutely adored it!


If you know me, you know I’m not a HUGE fan of contemporary, but I do still enjoy it from time to time. I did a buddy read with a friend and really enjoyed this book! I can’t wait for the sequel!


Say what you will about James Frey being a liar and a fraud, but you have to admit he has some pretty good books. I first read this years ago after having it catch my eye at the used bookstore. I fell in love with his writing, and his newer series Endgame is also a favorite of mine!


I definitely can’t forget this wonderful, magical series! Any of the books would be great to reread at any time! I actually first read these about two years ago, and now I’m obsessed with everything Harry Potter. I’ve been contemplating rereading the first one this year!


This book isn’t even out yet and I’m obsessing over it. If you’ve read my review, you know I picked up an arc of this at yallfest and it’s easily my favorite read this year.


This is the only book I’ve ACTUALLY reread over and over again. I love it so so much, it never gets old!


Once again, if you know me you know I love middle grade! So when I found this at a used bookstore I wasn’t sure what to expect! It’s 100% one of my favorite middle grade books I’ve ever read!


I also read this book last year and completely fell in love. This book made me feel so many emotions, and was a complete rollercoaster. but absolutely worth it!


**I hope you enjoyed my list of books I would reread forever! Let me know in the comments which of these you’ve read, and what books you love just as much!



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