The School for Good and Evil books #1-3 Review & March Wrap-up!

Hey everyone! March was not a very good reading month for me considering I only read two books! BUT those books were between 500-600 pages or more, so I don’t feel too guilty! Those books are included in this review/wrap up post because they were the second and third books in this series. I absolutely LOVED this series and I can’t wait to read the next book! Anyways, here’s the reviews for these books! This post will probably be pretty long considering my review for all three will be included. =]

The School for Good and Evil #1 Goodreads Synopsis

The School for Good and Evil # 2 Goodreads Synopsis

The School for Good and Evil #3 Goodreads Synopsis

This series follows Agatha and Sophie of Gavaldon, where kidnappings happen every two hundred years. Two children are taken, one destined for good, and one for evil. Sophie is a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed child who wears glass slippers and pink dresses (basically a walking princess) who believes that she has done plenty of good deeds to be placed into the School for Good. Agatha is a recluse who loves her hairless pet cat, her graveyard home and her black outfits. She never intended to go anywhere, and never believed that the kidnappings were true. Until one night she finds Sophie being kidnapped and tries to save her, but in the end she ends up being whisked away into the endless woods where the school for good and evil exists. If you’ve guessed, Sophie ends up in evil, while Agatha ends up in good. Mistake? Maybe.

Throughout the story we follow the two girls who try their hardest to end up in their RIGHT schools. There’s no way that Sophie could ever end up in the school for evil, right? Little do we know that this is the first sign as to who these two characters really are, and why they were placed in the correct schools to begin with! Sophie ends up sticking to her evil roots, but at times she tries REALLY hard to be good but it never quite works out the way it’s meant to. I honestly couldn’t believe how evil Sophie could be at times, especially to her friends, and Agatha is one of the types who will help people even if it hurts her in the end.

These books made me laugh out loud, and were also surprisingly dark at times. Some people may believe that these books are for “younger” readers and while I am a huge fan of middle grade, I find that these may not be completely suitable for super young readers, especially ones prone to nightmares. ( We’re talking giant rats, witches, creepy people in masks, forests with things that come alive, and more but I won’t give anything away) Which aren’t SUPER scary, but just thought I’d put that out there.

One thing that I absolutely LOVED about this series was the addition of Disney characters! We meet Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Pinocchio, Merlin, and many more and I just fell in love with the whole series even more once they came along. I won’t give too much away, but I will say that I LOVE Merlin, because one of my favorite movies is The Sword in the Stone. =]

Also, lets talk about plot twists because HOLY COW this book is full of them. I honestly didn’t see the majority of them and was surprised almost every single time! I was completely blown away by how well the author wrote these books and kept you on your toes!

If you don’t know by now, I’m a sucker for any middle grade book. Especially ones that deal with magic!! This series is perfect for fans of Harry Potter and if you want the good and evil aspect, along with magic, dark plots, etc. This series is perfect for you!

Sorry if this “review” was a little all over the place, but it’s kind of hard to write a spoiler free review for three super long books. I tried either way! I think I gave these 4 or 5 stars.  I absolutely loved them so much and I really think everyone should read these at some point! The fourth one is already out, and it’s technically a separate series…and the next one comes out in 2019!



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