My Immediate TBR list!

Hey everyone! I feel like it’s been a minute since I’ve updated on here. Life has been super busy between work, vacation and now being sick. On top of trying to get everything together to reopen my candle shop next week!

Anyways, I’ve had a TBR list in my head for a while since I have a few books to read for publishers and Netgalley as well as just a few finished copies I really can’t wait to get to, so I thought I would show you all what they are!

So far, the majority of these are Netgalley E-arcs that I can’t wait to get to!

-The Techno Wizard was sent to me by an author and I am currently reading it and loving it!

-Blood of Elves is a VERY anticipated read for me. I just finished Sword of Destiny and I’m basically obsessed with this series already! Reviews coming soon!

How are you doing with your TBR lists?

I’m currently drowning in my TBR pile, but trying to keep calm LOL


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